On Tuesday 24th May, Mr Marshall took 10 children from Years 4-6 to a X-Country competition at Garstang St Thomas’ Primary School.

Girls Team: Lauren (Y6) Rachel (Y6) Nancye (Y6)  Jessica (Y5)  Evie (Y4)

Boys Team: Lucas (Y6) James (Y6) Liam (Y5) Ryan (Y5) Oscar (Y5)

Each runner worked hard in the training sessions, and competed very well on the day, achieving their own personal bests. Overall the team finished in second place, beaten only by a very talented St Michael’s on Wyre team. Their determination to finish the course was fantastic to see and we are really proud of all of the children involved.

Liam (Y5) was involved in a very close race for first place in the competition. He was neck and neck is his closest challenger until the final lap, when his overall endurance and sprint speed proved to be too strong. He won the overall boys race is a very impressive 4 minutes and 39 seconds, over the 1.3km distance.

However, this was a team event, and each child made us totally proud of their performance, and to achieve second place was absolutely fantastic. A greater compliment to the team was their impeccable manners and sportsmanship, which they showed consistently throughout the competition.

The final standings were as follows:

Girls: Nancye – 8th    Evie – 11th   Lauren – 18th    Jessica – 23rd    Rachel 24th

Boys: Liam – 1st      Lucas – 6th     Oscar – 7th     James – 13th   Ryan 16th

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