Dance Club

Dance Club will recommence in Autumn 2022.

Singing Club

Singing Club will is running on Tuesdays as the Young Voices Concert in now May 2022. This was an amazing event and we can’t wait for next year!

Netball Club

Year 5/6 club is now running in preparation for the Whit Cup this Summer.

Football Club

This is every Thursday for prepartion for the Whit Cup this June.

Sign Language Club

Mrs Dennison is running Sign Language Club in teh Summer Term 2022.

Spanish Club

This is open to year 2 and 3 and is taught by Graciella on Monday lunch time.

Board Game Club

This has been open to Year 4 in Spring Term and will return in the Autumn term.

Music Tuition

We have a number of visiting music teachers to the school each week. All children are offered the opportunity to learn a Ukulele instrument in Year 4 as part of the WOPS Scheme. For those children who wish to learn an instrument we have tuition from Lancashire Music Service and BMA Music service. There are currently 18 children learning the Guitar and Keyboard with Mr Harding, 2 children learning a the Ukulele instrument with Mr Lupton. If you would like any further information on the tuition fees please speak to Mrs Robinson

We do have a wide breadth of clubs including Chess, Art, a full range of sports, Spanish, Coding and Dance.