After a gruelling afternoon at the Wyre Finals on Thursday the 12th of May, the Netball A Team had to do it all again at the Whit Cup!  This time they were playing at Garstang Academy against other local schools, including the Garstang Community Primary B Team!

Both teams played incredibly well – the A Team used the skills and tactics they had learnt the previous day and the B Team did a great job in their first ever competition.

After the first round robin, the two teams with the highest scores, Carters and GCP A Team, were chosen to go through to the final.  It was a close match, both teams had 3 goals each, but in the last minute, just when we thought it was going to have to go to over-time, Carters managed to sneak in one last goal and win.

We are so proud of both teams and delighted to be the runners up in this year’s Whit Cup.