On Saturday 4th June 2016, our school ‘A’ and ‘B’ football teams played in the Catterall Gala football tournament. The ‘B’ team had a tough draw, being placed against a couple of ‘A’ teams. They played extremely well and looked to really enjoy the challenges. The lost 1-0 to St Mary and Michaels ‘A’, with a goal in the last kick of the game. Following this, they lost 3-0 to St Thomas ‘A’ and then drew 0-0 with Kirkland ‘B’ side. They can all be extremely proud of their performances.

The ‘A’team continued with their level of team spirit from the Whit Monday games, and never looked like losing a game. In the group stage they beat St Thomas ‘B’ 3-0, with two goals for Ellis (y5) and a goal for Liam (y5). The second match saw another 3-0 win, this time against St Michael’s on Wyre ‘A’. This time the goals were scored by Ellis (y5), Liam (y5) and Lucas (y6).

The third match saw the test of playing Kirkland ‘A’. The game was extremely close, with both teams hitting the bar at least twice. Eventually the match ran to a 0-0 conclusion. Their final game was against St Mary and St Michael’s ‘B’ team. Our team continued their good form and eventually ran our 4-0 winners. The goals came from Ellis (Y5), Liam (y5), Regan (y4) and Christian (y6). This run of results qualified the team for the semi final, as they had won their group matches.

The semi final saw the CP team come up against St Mary and Michaels ‘A’, which proved to be a tough test. Despite good football from both team, the deadlock could not be broken and after extra time, the game went to penalties. Goalkeeper Will (y6), proved to be the difference maker with two fantastic saves, the final of which sent CP into the final to play against St Thomas  ‘A’.

The final proved to be a tough test, but the CP team carried on with their determination and team spirit and again never looked like losing. Good football by both sides meant an entertaining game of football was at hand. Oscar (y5) eventually broke the deadlock, with a fantastic strike from the edge of the box. The ball flew through the crowd and ended up in the corner of the net. After the goal, the team defended extremely well, but also continued to attack when they had the ball. The teamwork that they showed ensured that they could hold onto the 1-0 lead, eventually finishing the tournament as deserved winners.

Having gone right through the tournament without conceding a goal, the whole can be extremely proud of their performance. They also continued to play with fairness and sportsmanship, ensuring that they shook the hand of the losing finalists before celebrating their win.

Man of the Tournament – Oscar  (Y5)

Team leading scorer – Ellis (Y5)

Thanks to all the parents who have supported our football this season. Special thanks to Mr Higginson for his support in the tournaments and to Mr Painter for his help with training over the course of the year.

Mr Marshall.