We had a great day with Ian from Enrichment Through Archaeology who taught us that archaeology is “rubbish”!

We learnt about prehistory (where there are no written records) and how archaeologists study Stone Age rubbish to tell stories about what life was like. He showed us how long ago the Stone Age was on a timeline and introduced us to the tools archaeologists use to uncover the past.

We spent the morning trying to piece broken bits of pottery together, looking at how artifacts are found in different layers of the soil and telling stories and asking questions whilst we looked at a number of different artifacts.

After break, we got to try our hands at real life archaeology as we went on a dig! Each group got to use real tools to discover what was buried in the sand. We found loads of interesting things from animal bones, sea shells and broken ceramic lamps, to flint, jewelry, and knives! We examined our finds, dated our dig and then displayed it all in a mini-museum.

After lunch we used clay to make Stone Age thumb pots and then tried weaving, making string from grass, making bracelets and grinding barley using a Stone Age mill stone.