We had a fantastic time at Mere-Tun at Martin Mere this week. The children were greeted by a Roman Solider and we stepped back in time to meet the villagers.

The children were met by three villagers, Isla, Agatha and Eric. They welcomed us in and taught how the Celt’s lived. We learnt how to make a roundhouse by thatching the roof, how to weave a pig pen and how to weave baskets. They showed us how to make charcoal which we have taken back to school to use at a later date.

We went through Roman training and learnt how to march in Latin, how to hold a sword and shield and how axes and spears would have been used in battle.

Even though it was cold, we had a brilliant, fun-filled day. We learnt an awful lot which will help us make our own roundhouses back at school.